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tv   [untitled]    March 11, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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teach and for us who got our criminals 25 years ago but for folks who are newer to the profession it's going to be a shift this is so exciting we're moving away if a narrow curriculum english and math and expanding the curriculum it's an exciting time i can't help sharing this is the public. >> i don't fully understand it i kind of feel like some of the presentation we're doing are the best. >> i absolutely agree. >> i have to give that observation that is the best it's incredible and they might want to copyright this since we've done a great job and thank
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you j.c. i know you brought this to us before it was a skeleton thing and i couldn't image where it was going what a lost work thank you very much. >> we on item n the consent calendar resolution. none tonight. off vote on consent calendar moved and seconded under section f. yes, thank you. mr. haney arrest commissioner maufas dr. murase. commissioner norton public utilities commissioner wynns and president fewer thank you. okay. this is now item p.
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we're going to oh, go ahead >> consent calendar resolutions severed for the immediate action. yes. commissioner maufas you pulled an mo u with 9 san francisco police department oh. >> thank you so, so much for staying i trouble appreciate it i know it's been a long day and probably a long week and a long evening. a long life t is good. but i pulled this so we could have a public conversation and have this go through without us board members making some commentary on that i -- i know you and i had a conversation about the issues we those issues were brought forward in any
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public comment? you know, for public advocates and our good friends and kohlman and i know they're all part ever our big family that care about kids and a care about how we're treated and the partnership with we have would with the police department. i want to put on record i understand that the chief through their own processes and mechanisms did not agree to some the revisions that the board of education strongly recommended but at this point all the work done i would like to emphasize that really this is what we talked about earlier let this be a living document and not something on the shelf and we as the board of education hold it
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in high regard this is also part of our charge to protect the young people that go to our schools and if authority figures somehow don't abide by some of the rules we have in place and use all of the things that are not necessary to come to find out information they need or places where justice can be served we need to step forward and be the leads. i want to insure we as a board are very, very having any lentd about the reporting and the information sharing, our own documentation through our own data gathering and mechanisms and that they match with was the san francisco police department has and our activity and around
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our schools. that's what i wanted to insure we spoke about publicly and on the record for myself as a board member so long as i'm on the board and can say for this police car topic that's the cat lyric that brought me to the board of education so many years ago that it is right and rests near and dear to my heart and the lives of those students effects and those families effected. at the marshall. so i can only anything else after i leave the board of education this will remain on my radar and i'll continue to participate because i care how the police and students
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interact. this is encouraging of the police department to be in partnership with us. job think that's happened in other u l us those documents are on the shelf and maybe some of the things we said were implement and, you know, in reality done but i don't remember getting reports. may be one in my entire time here at the board of education otherwise i don't remember ever getting reports or public conversations with the police department. through our mo u and partnership with them and how we're going to do things differently so let that be the moment we do that and hold ourselves account to making sure all the things that are said in the m u l come to
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fruition >> any other comments. >> thank you. this is very important. but i also in sort of a bit of a followup to what sxhaifs just said one of the things i've interested in how we monitor our relationship with the police and at one time we had a robust and i might even suggest a too responsibility we did with the parents citizen's advisory council okay. we wanted them to come to the board every month but that position didn't exist and we don't have any reports in years so i'm hoping that this is
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sort of the spirit of a living document that we can come up with someway for us to get more information and one of the things that's at issue and has been and i'm concerned about for many years is the issue about how the police behave in schools toward our students for things that occur outside of our schools i want to get that updated reports or periodic reports >> the m l u calls for positions at the captain level that will report to the deputy chiefs office and the reports stated will be given in march and november and june towards the end of the semester and mid semi in her and at the end of
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the year and other reports as requested. that's written into the m l u with the dates and time >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell we for a while didn't have an m l u we've been working on this and at least there's one we'll find and what else is different is that chief surhas a different personality are with the school. early on he's been to every single middle school to talk to the students and that is a definitely a positive that we have a police chief that buildings deeply in education. when he when he was the captain in bayview they loved him and
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didn't want him to leave. so this is helpful 40 for us to get to know the chief and his shall have. i'm glad we got this far and i appreciate in wanting to make it a living document we can make adjustments that satisfies everyone and thank you for all the energy >> any comments. so i have a few. one is that, you know, so i'm disappointed that the chief didn't sign the m l u with the recommendations from the board. this is an opportunity to deny the police role and he said it will prohibit the police
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officers but it will deny the jobs with the san francisco school districts and that's a core of community planning, zoning, and economic committee we can deny within our. view how we work with the police as they protect and serve our community. they set the perimeters outside of school where we have no jurisdiction but within our schools we have the jurisdiction. i feel even though people have said to me they keep our schools save i think actually with a tithe written m l u it keeps our students safer. i agree with commissioner maufas but i want to put on the record i'm disappointed he doesn't sign that. i make a recommendations that
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every officer that works in our school should come to one of our training. he said should but really i feel like they shall. i feel like it is not unreasonable to ask this is a discipline we're moving away from a puny active discipline and the more they know the better the service. so i feel like yes we could say should but we all should do a lot of things everyone should lose weight or exercise more but when you say shall you will do it that's a real commitment. part of it is a large percentage of police officers that work in san francisco don't live here.
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their removed from our youth. so tests not also a match when a police officer arrives at our school we serve 90 percent of students with color and 90 percent not people of color in their areas so it's different when they enter our schools so everyone is disciplined in a different way and we're asking them too. it's our responsibility as a board to keep our students save. the only reason we'll write this is because of past history we've got concerned o concerns around police vehicles in our schools so it's in the safety that i'm disappointed the chief did not
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sign it. i agree it should be a living document and if he understands sort of our concerns about this and that it would not prohibit his officers from doing the job but actually would encourage them to do their jobs better. having said that, i think we're ready for a vote. commissioner haney. commissioner maufas. commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. commissioner murase. commissioner norton. commissioner wynns. president fewer. 7 i's. thank you kevin. (laughter) >> >> i think we owe you dinner or something thank you very much.
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okay item q for an audience the superintendents reading from held over and this is a recommendation from the board of education policy 610.56 on physical exemptions to clarify the conditions and requirements do i have a motion and second to authorization to grant alternative or to deny the life grant charter school >> second. this will be referred to the budget and curriculum committee >> your dedicated. >> oh, hi, keri. motion and second in support of naming the library.
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so moved. we're going to refer that to billings and ground we have a public speaker and you're from the liquify i didn't >> we're still here. >> hello. thank you very much. hi. i am terry the principal of the life academy where we've been now for 15 years. i'm excited we've been there and thank you very much for considering our renewal of our charter school. we've done amazing things and i feel like we continue to do amazing things we'll be excited to talk about and when we come back there are tons of kids that want to come to our meetings and
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we have a few that will come on monday and we're excited to work with you another 15 years >> you know what thank you for waiting. >> thank you very much. >> so item r board members proposals none. great. board members report and standing committee i think we need an ad hoc report >> yes. at the meeting we had 5 informational items and that was the third annual report on second feeders and third the support for families to note there will - what's being proposed is one exam for the
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laurel high school rather than the tests online because we're not having standardized test and we looked at the 2014-2015 year year the next meeting will be in april. i also need to report on the committee as a whole on the 18 the focus was on the upcoming budget the proposed budget for 2014-2015 and the local formula and the accountability plan and i know it's important at that meeting we discussed the influx of money is on the order of $13 million and some has been spoken for so authenticity that's not like we're getting million dollars and millions and millions of new dollars so the increased fund is not a whole
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lot of money but an upward projection expected. one late announcement. due to a work commitment i'll be in new york on march 11 so i'll be participating by phone >> i have a report for the rose policy and legislation committee. of february 19, 2014. commissioner haney >> sure very quick we had a legislative overview that included conversation about state budget and didn't take any action on pie piece of legislation it was early so we have a major highlight and we discussed a little bit some renew and revised policies those
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will be coming back to the full board at the next board meeting no two weeks. >> so a report of closed session actions. the february 18th by a vote of 6 i's approved the expulsion of one high school stunt and other items tonight we're - >> sorry can i make announcements. >> go ahead. >> i wanted to say the curriculum committee meeting is on monday march third at i thought we were going to meet at 5 is that all right. another 5 o'clock and let the charter schools know. i know their members want to attend and those meeting are at 5 o'clock thank you. i just want to make an
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announcement so washington all city wrestling team took third place. and when i got off the plane from the fooelgz and then tomorrow morning the lovely foundation will be at the high school for the height story p there was a young man that was killed for looking sideways at the person it's a horrible story but their bringing awareness to the racial tense >> and board president we're going to do a welcoming again. >> may i announce the african-american honor role is
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tomorrow night that he cathedral. and then at the city hall at 6 and there's a late night dinner >> that's friday. >> commissioner wynns. i wanted to ask deputy secretary to confirm we're not going to have a regular budget committee because we proposed the previous one so for the next budget committee will be in what? it's still scheduled for next week >> february - >> i thought we were going to do a large one later. >> okay. i'm just kidding no, what day is it >> next wednesday if we're
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having it on the regular day. >> so it was going to be next wednesday and so it's on when? >> to be determined. >> it's going to be determined. okay. that was a good conversation. okay. now okay. commissioner norton is going to adjourn this meeting >> get it ready were you not listening to me. >> i'm going to do the adjournment. this meeting i'd like to adjourn in memory of mary 345erg9 mcdonald who was known as maggie she was a student in our graduate program she passed away a few weeks before here 20th
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birthday. i'm passing around picture of maggie she was one of the most joyful students when i groetd her by name i actually never knew her but she was slooul over the moon and giggled with joy and didn't pay attention to the lone she was a lovely presence and her mother wanted me to mention that she was one of the first children to attend the class i taught at franls scott key. i want to read to you a competitor from the u will i
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that her father read it had to do with her feelings about school this is what we do >> as maggie grew so did her personality she was quote/unquote non-verbal no one brought more energy and enthusiasm many if this was particularly true when it came school and her teachers aspired her she couldn't wait to go to school. maggie so you no reason for holiday breaks she had a 4.0 gapping to keep up. you should note that maggie was secreting lobbying to eliminate all school breaks.
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i can't tell you how much energy and convince you gave to maggie. maggie was so excited and proud to go through congratulation and there's nothing more existing than to go to prom. she was dancing and (laughter) it made my rib cage ache. she didn't need a garden she knew what she wanted to do. this was perhaps one of the most important gifts she taught us to focus on what was really important and didn't care whether you had a bad day another working or what you did for a living. casey doesn't know that maggie didn't like testify forest fire but matthews favorite holiday
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was halloween it was mag i didn't see christmas. she started with her big grin when he when we talked about a costume. she had fun with her family's and a friends and tempers at does like. mag i didn't see costume pictures were emancipation proclamation building and her mother is equally to blame for this converting mag i didn't see chair with a flagship or an horse covered wagon. both maggie left it to the department to figure out how it was supposed to fit in the bus. maggie was deprived and had so
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much fun at school she was as opposed to out and asleep by the time the halloween was beginning. the demands of mag i didn't see care were exhausting but here hugs and encourage and sense of humor conveyed such a strong resolution. that was the most pronounced lesson the power of unconditional love. she was like a giant snowball she exposed her meaning of love. on behalf of the district i want to send our sympathy and is he sincere love to her family. >> meeting adjourned.
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